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Data-driven targeting and user acquisition

Level up your mobile app user acquisition, retention and brand performance with predictive algorithms and machine learning

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With the Right Partner, Great Things Can Happen

After you've set up your campaign, our machine learning platform begins learning how to accomplish your desired UA objectives. Initially we optimise for CPI to collect sufficient install data followed by optimization of down-funnel conversions (post-install events). Post this, your campaign performance is bound to be scaled.


Poseidon Cloud DSP

Poseidon Cloud DSP is designed for your campaign success. Our machine learning engine automatically powers your app’s growth and removes data risk so you can exceed even your most demanding goals, and your team can focus on what it does best: creativity and scale.

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Acquire users with maximum return on ad spend (ROAS)

Scale user acquisition faster than ever before and achieve greater user lifetime value through our battle-tested prediction models. Optimize for your priority KPI, whether ROAS, CPI, or CPA. Our Deep Neural Network models update hourly, ensuring your campaigns adjust to subtle market changes, so that your business can adapt quickly and easily.

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Pay the right price for the right impressions

Poseidon’s ML engine fires at least eight inference models at every bid request, predicting with unprecedented accuracy the potential business outcome of any ad impression anywhere on the internet and how much you should pay for it to ensure maximum ROI.

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Level-up market strategy with performance transparency

Get performance insights and track exactly how your budget is spent. Easily monitor and manage your campaign performance, grouped by the metrics most important to your business, ad creative group, regions, Limit Ad Tracking (LAT) vs. non-LAT, and more with comprehensive reporting dashboards. Download impression-level data for further analysis.

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Launch your campaigns with confidence and control

Leverage a suite of tools that give you expertise exactly when and where you need it to drive performance and enhance your insight and control. Poseidon’s Bid Optimizer, Budget Optimizer, Creative Optimizer, and advanced A/B testing capabilities save time and resources for teams of any size, starting on day one.


Poseidon Cloud SSP

Poseidon Cloud supply-side platform (SSP) offers unparalleled opportunities for web publishers and app developers that are willing to maximize advertising revenues directly

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Generate the Best Possible CPM

Poseidon Sell-Side Platform is built on the top of the deep machine learning technology that adapts to real-time market conditions. Determine your inventory pricing and let the Optimal Floor Price feature calculate the ideal value for every unique impression. Increase fill rates while selling your inventory for the highest price!

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Drive Revenue with Header Bidding

Header Bidding integration in conjunction with Poseidon Supply-Side Platform allows publishers to access additional sources of demand, gaining greater exposure. Offer your ad inventory to a multitude of demand partners simultaneously and initiate a powerful competition. Uncover the real value of every impression. Monetize your web and app audiences to the fullest!

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Integrate Mobile Advertising with Ease

Poseidon’ lightweight SDK is a flexible solution for mobile publishers to monetize their in-app advertising space through rich media ads. Poseidon SDK solution works seamlessly in a speed-sensitive mobile environment, delivering relevant ads across all mobile demand sources, without interfering user experience. Take your mobile advertising to the next level!

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Full Support for All Kinds of Inventory

With Poseidon SSP, digital publishers can offer high-quality ads across screens, operating systems, and channels. Choose the best-performing ads for your audiences among the display, banner, native, text, video, mobile, and innovative ad formats that would look great on any device.

Poseidon offers mobile SSP and video SSP to monetize your video and mobile inventory. 

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We can support S2S and API integration, helping you enlarge your business.

Poseidon, based in Singapore, is a mobile ad tech company that is dedicated to empowering our partners with sophisticated solutions that make it simple for agencies and brands to connect with target audiences and for publishers to monetize their apps. Combining with our deep understanding of the industry, we provide our partners with the best set of tools to make mobile ad tech simple.

Poseidon provides over 10,000 premium CPA/CPI/CPS offers, covering app install, subscription& etc.




Trusted By Great Brands

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What People Say

“Poseidon is a wonderful partner! They’ve started from literally zero activity, and in a short time succeeded to generate significant results. No fraud, always on time, keeping the promises – what else should you expect from your partner?”

Deena Levies,

Affiliate & Partnership Manager @ Fiverr

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“Poseidon has helped us increase our install base with highly engaged users especially on IOS platform. Their fast and responsive operational support enabled us bettering of our KPI metrics, which resulted in reaching our goals and increase our volume in return.”
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Jasmine Gokcen, Digital Marketing Specialist @ Trendyol

“Poseidon been a really productive business cooperation for us. They provide us top notch quality traffic. Overall, we are glad to partner with them.”

Tilly Green,Regional Performance Marketing Executive @ Amazon

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Get Ready to Maximize Your Revenues With Our Advertising Solutions

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